The Firm

The Alpine Group is a bipartisan, bicameral government affairs consulting firm located on Capitol Hill.  Our clients include Fortune 100 companies, private equity firms, trade associations, local governments and others.  The Alpine Group is consistently ranked one of the top lobbying firms in Washington, and its personnel are recognized as substantive and political experts.  Consisting of 18 professionals representing years of experience in a variety of senior political capacities, the firm provides strategic advice and implements those tactics to help clients successfully navigate the halls of Congress, the White House and federal agencies.  As trusted advisors to our clients and for many policy makers, the Alpine Group is able to sort through the miasma of perspectives and opinions that derail so many other efforts in a way that consistently achieves the goals our clients set.

The firm also possesses vast experience in managing coalitions and ad hoc groups united for a common goal.  The vast experience of the Alpine team – both within government and the private sector – allows us to create and manage campaigns on behalf of clients on a wide range of issues and policy areas that require managing grassroots activation, messaging, creation of economic analyses and a host of other tools.

As a bipartisan and bicameral firm, our clients are able to benefit from expertise and far-ranging relationships on both sides of Capitol Hill and both sides of the political aisle. Most issues we address for our clients require an expert sense of how a message or request will be received by policy makers and that can vary by party affiliation, geographical location or larger political dynamics.  We are able to lead efforts to tailor each campaign so that it is appropriately tuned to maximum effect.

The Alpine Group’s offices are located on Capitol Hill, only a few blocks from the House and Senate office buildings and the U.S. Capitol.  Even in an era of electronic communication, there remains no substitute to being in the corridors of power each day working with elected officials and their staff.