Executive Vice President

Courtney Johnson, formerly with the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Democratic staff, joined the Alpine Group after nearly four years on Capitol Hill.  She is currently engaged in a diverse work portfolio, which includes issues primarily within the energy, health care, and telecommunications sectors.  Ms. Johnson has developed and implemented an array of legislative strategies and has managed associations and individual entities.  She has an extensive network on the Hill and in-depth knowledge of the legislative process.

Prior to joining the Alpine Group, Ms. Johnson worked in various capacities on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Democratic staff.  During her tenure on the Committee, she focused primarily on issues associated with energy policy, but was familiar with the myriad of matters under the purview of the Committee.  Ms. Johnson was involved with the numerous iterations of legislation which evolved into the Energy Policy Act of 2005.  Ms. Johnson developed and has maintained strong relationships with staff on the both sides of the aisle on the Committee and in personal offices.

Ms. Johnson holds Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Tennessee and earned a Master of Arts in Legislative Affairs at the George Washington University.

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